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林錦新聞報報~Persona | 人設 你會嗎??

有人 【人設崩了】| 【人設翻車了】 #Metoo

The persona is shattered. The public image has collapsed.

The public image has crumbled.

Persona | 人設

1. Originating from Latin, it initially referred to the character played by an actor in a theatrical performance. Over time, the term expanded to encompass the external image or role that an individual presents to others in social or public settings.

2. Persona (noun) - indicates the outward image, role, or facade that an individual projects to others in social or public contexts. It can include specific behaviors, attitudes, or appearances employed to present oneself or achieve specific objectives.

3. In psychology, "persona" also refers to the social role of an individual as perceived both by themselves and by others.

The term can be replaced with "public image" or "public persona," describing the image or role that an individual portrays to the public, which may differ from their true character.

人設 | persona

  1. 源自拉丁文,最初指的是在戲劇中演員所扮演的角色,該詞後來擴展為指一個人在社交或公眾場合中呈現給他人的外在形象或角色。

  2. persona(名詞)- 指一個人在社交或公眾場合中呈現給他人的外在形象、角色或面具。它可以是一種特定的行為方式、態度或形象,用來呈現自己或達到特定的目的。

  3. 在心理學中,「persona」也指個人在自我認知和他人認知中的社會角色。

可以用 "public image" 或 "public persona" 指一個人在公眾面前展現的形象或角色,與其實際性格可能有所不同。

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